Tribology and Materials | Volume 2 | Issue 1 | 2023 | 32-37

Three-dimensional modelling of tensile behaviour for standard aluminium specimens

Zaigham Saeed Toor

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan


Abstract: The effect of specimen width and incorporation of a circular hole on the tensile behaviour of commercially available aluminium alloy AA 1100 was studied using finite element analysis (FEA) for convergence with the already published experimental work of other researchers. Static structural analysis was conducted to simulate tensile loading of Japanese industrial standard (JIS) specimen JIS Z 2201 No. 13B and No. 5 until the point of the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) was reached. A strain rate of 0.25 mm/s was used for both the neat specimen and the one bearing a circular hole of 8 mm in diameter at the centre of the specimen. The numerical results exhibited a good agreement with the experimental work by comparison of the percentage elongation for numerical and experimental data. The normal stresses calculated using analytical and numerical approaches also reflected a good convergence. For neat specimens of JIS Z 2201 No. 13B and No. 5, a 100 % increase in specimen width enhanced the load required to reach UTS by 100 %, while elongation was increased by 30 %. On the other hand, for specimens of JIS Z 2201 No. 13B and No. 5, bearing an 8 mm circular hole reduced the load required to reach UTS by 300 %, while elongation was only increased by 25 %. The 200 % decrease in load required to reach UTS and 57 % reduction in elongation was observed by incorporating an 8 mm circular hole in the neat specimens.

Keywords: aluminium alloy, material testing, finite element analysis, stress magnification.

Received: 27-01-2023, Revised: 21-02-2023, Accepted: 23-02-2023

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