Tribology and Materials | Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2022 | 11-20

Evaluation of the wear and corrosion resistance of coated parallel gate valve

Jong Hyok Ri, Razvan George Ripeanu

Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiești, Ploiești, Romania


Abstract: This paper aims to experimentally evaluate the wear and corrosion resistance of the coated active parts surfaces of a cut off valve. This paper presents the electrochemical corrosion, hardness and wear tests of the gate valve coated surfaces with a plastic material, in order to evaluate the seat and gate valve couple behaviour in an aggressive medium containing crude oil with sand particles. Uncoated and coated surfaces were compared and evaluated by the coefficient of friction, wear rates and corrosion resistance. A comparison process between the previous results of the CFD analysis for erosion wear and the test results, at the covered gate valve, is also presented.

Keywords: gate valve, solid lubricant, coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

Received: 11-01-2022, Revised: 01-03-2022, Accepted: 20-03-2022

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